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Av Mi's Nails - 28 januari 2011 04:20


An old "design" I do/did alot.

Just like the black stripes, but pink.

And I apologize about the length and everything, they look horrible.

Really old picture. 

Av Mi's Nails - 14 november 2010 20:30


An old "design" that I do pretty often.

An easy way to make my nails more fun when I have very little time.

(And can also give the illusion that they are longer.)

In this case I used a CD-marker, but it is supposed to be black nailpolish.

Av Mi's Nails - 12 november 2010 08:49


I made these nails on the 7:th of March 2008.

I really liked them, they were fun to wear.

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