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Av Mi's Nails - 2 februari 2011 16:30


This is a design that my stepmother did ony me a few weeks ago. 

She also tought me to make the flowers.

The blue polish is from H&M.

I kinda messed it up when I put on the top-coat...

Av Mi's Nails - 30 januari 2011 17:00


A christmas-design that my stepmom did on me.

The green polish is from H&M, I don't know the other ones.

Av Mi's Nails - 4 december 2010 20:30

The nails I had done for me & my husband's wedding on 04.07.2009 <3

Got them done at "Lunula Naglar" in Ånäset.


Av Mi's Nails - 28 november 2010 20:30


This is a design that my stepmom did on me last weekend.

I really liked it and will do many other versions of it in the future!

I believe she used French Base from H&M, then some pink polish from Thailand, a glitter-one and the French Top Cote from H&M.

Av Mi's Nails - 26 november 2010 20:30


A zombie-design that my sister did on my nails a few weeks ago.

It is so cute! Loved it. Good for halloween!

Link to her nail-blog:

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